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Brought  to you by the Mid North Coast Community College

ReCommunity Project

The ReCommunity Project aims to be a catalyst for reengagement and regeneration. We aim to restore a sense of community togetherness an individual wellbeing through creative activities and community events that reach across all ages and stages, all interests and abilities.

About the ReCommunity Project

The ReCommunity Project is a community led project brought to by Mid North Coast Community College with funding from the NSW Government. The project is aims to be a catalyst to bring the community back together after years of natural disasters and the pandemic.

Meet some of our wonderful facilitators and hear their perspectives on their experience of being involved in the ReCommunity Project.

The project is made up of 6 target responses each of them vital to reaching all corners of our community and to assist in the rebuilding of our local arts communities.


ReCreate & Connect

A Program of Arts for Recovery & Wellbeing programs covering a broad range of interest areas catering for all ages & abilities in multiple locations across the region.


Communicate & Reconnect

A calendar of intimate events & opportunities for people to be a part of a range of community conversations, podcasts & vlogs catering for all ages & abilities in multiple locations across the region. Listen to the Podcast


Kids Connect

Engages kids &/or young people in social & creative events &/or workshops such as art, music & culture.


Community ReConnect

Breaks down barriers to participation by taking the activity to the people. Whether out to one of many rural & remote communities or into the local Aged Care facility we will reach out to all.


Care & ReConnect

A program of targeted self-care & wellbeing seminars & workshops for community. Running parallel, will be support for facilitators requiring professional development when dealing with vicarious trauma.


Developing Creative Practice

The project has a commitment to sustainable ongoing social connectedness by supporting professional development for arts and crafts workers.

The project is fueled by human connection. Art & recreational activities are a cost-effective way to combat mental illness, & promote mental health & wellbeing.



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Although funding for this product has been provided by the NSW Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views of the NSW Government.

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